Salsa Peek´ S. A. de C. V. It is a 100% Mexican company that manufactures Peek´ spicy dressing with great care and affection.

It's pronounced the way it's spelled "Peek." The recipe and its name are born in the lands of the South of Mexico, by the hand of women who cook for their loved ones carrying in their hands the seasoning and the mystery of a superior race and with this the history of their land in a mixture perfect of dried chilies, spices and mysterious ingredients that create in this recipe the trip to the past.

This delicious and mysterious mixture causes an explosion of sensations in your palate, taking you through the flavors of Mexico and its fields, in its aroma the arid lands of the North are detected, in the salt the seas that surround us are perceived, in its spices the connection with the gods.

That is why this mix is "The flavor of chili, taken to another level ..."


PURPOSE: To bring the family together with the aromas and flavors of Mexico. "The flavor of chili, taken to another level ..."

MISSION 2020: "To be a company with a presence in the gastronomy of Mexico"

VISION: "To be a leading company in sauces and dressings in Mexico"